Who Makes Salsa With Zucchini? Our Favorite Gardening Blog Posts #15


The Potting Bench #15: A Collection Of Our Favorite Gardening Blog Posts

Spring officially “launches” in a few days, yet cold weather grips much of the eastern US. Even with cool temperatures let’s look at some Spring topics to get things going in this week’s Potting Bench Round Up!

Let’s begin with a familiar subject in the upcoming season like it or not. They come to visit every year and it’s not Uncle Herman and Aunt Betty – it’s mosquitoes! As you begin thinking about Spring, how about planting some mosquito repelling plants and don’t forget lemon grass!

Then of course when spending any time outdoors, you need to be aware of ticks. Their bite can be life changing! Here’s a homemade tick recipe.

Now we do have some wildlife we like to attract. If you’re interested in attracting bees and birds this post ask the question: What flower colors do birds and bees prefer? According to the article.

Our eyes can detect three different colours — red, blue and green. Bees cannot see red, but they can see blue and green, as well as ultraviolet light. This means colours look very different to what we see, and they can see things we cannot see.

For example, many flowers have “ultraviolet nectar guides” on them that are invisible to humans but tell bees where to find nectar in a flower. Learn more at Science News – ABC News

Jami at AnOregonCottage.com shares some tips and ideas refreshing your flower pots for spring. Are you ready?

As a sidenote. This post on ways to use vinegar which by the way slugs hate has recently had a complete update. I didn’t know it had so many uses, in the garden and the house!

Rocks and Stones In The Landscape

Your garden and landscape offers one of the best ways to show your creativity, but have you ever thought of using black rock or pebbles? This post from Top Dreamer shares some eye-catching uses of black stone in garden edging and pathways as well as filling pots for attractive looks. I like the 3rd image where the dark stone shows off the light colored pavers.

Since we are on the topic of using stone in the garden, Top Inspirations shares some ideas on using more traditional looks.

Here’s another post from HomeEsthetics on using rocks but the focus is more on the influence rocks play in Japanese gardens. The post shares how they (stones) have “started to appear in other cultures as well as a mixture of the static and the dynamic” looks.  More from Homeesthetics

All In The Presentation!

I always enjoy seeing “common plants” displayed in unique ways. This could be the form of the plant grown, like a lantana or standard hibiscus tree. It may look different due to the container used to display the plant – theme parks do this very well. Then again it may come down to elevating the plant. Fantastic Viewpoint shares some DIY plant stands to give plants a different look. Some feature simple wood designs which look great, but I like the stands made from copper pipe!

Many homeowners enjoy a deck in the backyard where they kick back after a day in the garden or just relax after work. They think little about the design or look of the deck. Well, not Alisa Burke! As Alisa shares:

“Our deck was in need of some serious attention. It wraps around half of our house and while the sides and front are in great shape, the back was really worn. We probably have about one, maybe two more winters (if we are lucky) before we have to do some major work repairing and rebuilding the back portion. We decided that this spring we would get it cleaned up and repainted. In typical Alisa Burke fashion, I suggested painting a big colorful pattern on the surface.” A must SEE! Visit Alisa’s stunning deck here!

Presentation brings us to curb appeal. The folks over at One Kings Lane offer some simple tips on serious curb appeal for your home.

DIY Projects

If you’re into DIY projects this outdoor concrete coffee table from Brad at FixThisBuildThat has an excellent tutorial along with a video on building a concrete table for the patio.

If concrete sounds a little more than you can handle, try a garden lighthouse. We shared one made with terra-cotta pots. However, this one from Angie at the thecountrychiccottage.net looks to be an esay one not only to pull off but would make an excellent garden addition. Lots of images to help you along.

Besides a firepit one item topping many homeowners list in some way involves a pond. Over at Contemporist they share 8 Landscaping ideas for backyard ponds and water gardens. However, if you take a few minutes and look closely you’ll discover many more than 8 ideas.

Water falling off in two directions

  • The use of tall grasses
  • A floating walkway
  • Minimal plantings
  • The use of concrete and stone
  • … plus  many other subtle ideas.

Our friends at DiynCrafts.com share a fun collection of repurposed windows. As usual with Diyncrafts, lots of images!

Who Makes Salsa With Zucchini? Tara Does!

There’s nothing like a fresh salsa, especially when you add in a little peach or mango! In fact, my guacamole looks more like an avocado salsa. But this salsa from Noshing With The Nolands looked fascinating – Fresh Zucchini Salsa – This one I’m going to try for sure! Zucchini is a healthy veggie. I can only imagine what this salsa would taste like.

Spring is only a few days away… What will your first project be?


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