Giant Wok Water Feature And More Favorite Gardening Blog Posts #16


With Spring offically here the vegetable, flower, grass fertilization and soon weed killer commercials will start popping up. In fact, fertilizer ads are already here. However, when things begin to grow bugs begin start munching on the soft new tender growth.

This week we published a post on the potato bug or beetle they can cause some real damage to more than potatoes! We also featured the saddleback caterpillar here. If you’ve ever feel their sting, it’s one you’ll remember.

During the week we came arcoss another roundup of interesting items around the web. It’s always nice to head to the backyard, admire what’s going or enjoy the evening stars floating in the sky. We’ve featured a succulent post in the past from, this week they share a great DIY swing for the backyard they built in a weekend. A great place to enjoy the stars!

Projects What Projects!

What projects do you have on your list for this year? Included on many homeowners list is adding solar powered lights for their garden.  At Amazing Interior Design they step outdoors are share a collection of DIY solar projects. Some link to tutorials and others provide ideas to get you started. Several we’ve not run across before.

Imitation is a form of flattery. This post at the TheKimSixFix takes a $1243 concrete table inspired by Pottery Barn and recreates it for $53 bucks! Nicely done!

This time of year conatiner gardens come out in full force. One of the ways to create a “perfect” container garden is to use a recipe. However, we can all use a little inspiration from others. Cyndy at the has assembled a nice collection of container gardens, which featured a few interesting containers as planters. I especially like image number #10 of what looks like and old paint can.

Wondering which project to get started on? If you’re looking to add curb appeal Agrinews Pubs shares 10 quick ways to improve the curb appeal of your home.

What would a backyard be without at least considering some type of water feature like maybe a water wall? At they’ve assembled a collection of backyard water features with some unique looks and materials. Number #1 on the list shares what looks like a giant wok (or just a big metal pan) with 2 metal troughs as well pouring into it. Very cool looking!

Of course just “sitting there” listening to the quiet, relaxing sound of water with the swaying pampas grass plumes in the distance requires a place the stop and enjoy. For a fun little bench to do just that visit the fence post garden bench at

Having plants grow up a trellis can really show off their beauty and flowers like with these 10 flowering trellis vines but have you ever considered a “bean house”? Jessica at collected a few ideas which germinated from a post at where they share a simple tutorial on making a “bean house.”

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of meeting and becoming friends with some amazing landscape designers. Roberto Burle Marx could look at a pile of rocks and know how and where he could use it. My friend the late Jim Talley of Miami could do the same. I know they both would enjoy the collection put together at with some fun ideas on using stone, rocks and plants in the landscape. I’m sure you will enjoy them too and get a few ideas to use in the garden.

Speaking of rocks in the landscape, have you ever considered Gabion baskets? We’ve put together some ideas and share some uses.

If you ever wanted to grow ginger for use in the kitchen? Check out this video!

Finally, even potted plants are getting into the Star Wars craze! Kelly at shares a tutorial on making Star Wars covers for pots. Now that is one way to get kids to play in the dirt.

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