30 + Greenhouses Made From Old Windows and Doors


Are you missing out on the fun of greenhouse gardening – growing anything you like, from annuals to orchids, all year ’round – because you fear the cost?

Or because you think it would take more time than you can spare? Or because you don’t believe that you have a suitable spot for a greenhouse anyway?

Here’s a news flash: greenhouses can “be bought” for the price of a good flat screen television. Greenhouses come in all sizes and shapes suitable for any home property.

greenhouse made of old windows

A greenhouse can make growing so much more fun. However, a backyard greenhouses can be expensive to buy new.

Expense does not stop some people from having their greenhouse.

Reduce cost significantly by upcycling, recycling and reclaiming old windows and doors. Need some ideas? We found a collection of 30 plus home greenhouses made from old doors and windows – great for ideas and possibilities!

Check out the collection via InspirationGreen

Another “How To” Greenhouse Design Using Old Windows

If you are into making things with your hands, recycling, gardening, and the wonderful feeling of self-accomplishment, this post will teach you had to build a custom greenhouse out of found materials for a fraction of the cost of a “new” greenhouse.

The design is based on “found” windows. If it’s a framed window, you can use it.

There’s a small amount of construction ability involved, but very basic, and if you follow the step by step guide provided even the most novice of builders can do it. Details on a greenhouse from old windows via instructables

Build Your Own Add-On or Kitchen Greenhouse

A greenhouse is a key to having some “food independence, ” but a home greenhouse is often considered only a luxury few can afford.

Reasonably priced ready made units are available. If they are too expensive, you would be surprised what you can build from salvaged materials.

Mother Earth News has details on “building a kitchen greenhouse. Since we’re on the topic of “old greenhouses” or upcycling, we need to remember the past with these abandoned greenhouses.

Have you noticed the urban exploring trend taking off?

People exploring abandoned urban buildings looking for beauty in decay?

If that fascinates you, check out this fantastic blog post by Messy Nessy at messynessychic.com showcasing amazing photographs from all over the world of abandoned greenhouses.

The overgrown foliage and decade old buildings combine for a genuinely unusual sight.

The history, stories, architecture, designs, people feed, entertained and employed never to be repeated.

The piece gave me much to reflect on. Check out the full article via messynessychic.com


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