Did You See This Collection? Our Favorite Gardening Blog Posts #14


The Potting Bench #14: A Collection Of Our Favorite Gardening Blog Posts

Each and every day we find many interesting, educational, creative, idea-generating and inspiring posts. However, we never get the opportunity to share them all. To help “get the word out” we’re sharing a collection of posts we find during the week. Enjoy!

With spring knocking on our doorstep, the gardening season will be in full swing. For some, this year will mark their first attempt at gardening. For others, it will be honing their skills.

Thinking Of Starting A Garden?

For those getting started with the garden Zac over at Zacsgarden.com shares an excellent post on starting a garden:

In How To Start A Garden – Zac gives this piece of advice on the type of garden to start with:

Most people think of growing plants in the ground, in rows and all at the same time. This is rarely the best solution. These days gardeners are more creative than ever, so their gardens fit in with their lifestyle. Got a bad back? Why not raise your garden bed up, don’t have much space? Why not plant vertical instead of horizontal? Via zacsgarden.com

Zac mentioned the idea of vertical gardening and survivopedia.com dives into the topic in their post:

Why Vertical Gardening Works for Preppers

If you have even a little bit of a yard, you’ll be surprised how much you can grow using the vertical gardening method – the options are practically limitless. You can even grow plants out the top AND bottom of the planters!

They even suggest a growing vertically with only a closet (or using a grow tent) or an apartment wall with plenty of light.

If you only have a single closet or small wall in your apartment, you’re still in luck, though you’ll have to make sure that you have plenty of light either in the form of sunlight or grow lights. Herbs are great to grow vertically, as are tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, onions, and green leafy vegetables. Via survivopedia.com

Start Seeds, Buy Transplants and Reducing Transplant Shock

Some gardeners like to start their seeds to later transplant. This post from cultivatorscorner.com will give you some ideas on when to start those seeds.

Seeds vs. transplants: Should you start from seed or buy transplants? – Niki at savvygardening.com shares her thoughts on starting your seeds or buying transplants:

The great spring gardening dilemma; should you start from seed or buy transplants for your vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings from a local nursery? Personally, I do both, growing hundreds of my own seedlings beneath my grow-lights, and also buying from a handful of favourite garden centres.  There are benefits and drawbacks to starting your own seeds as well as buying pre-grown seedlings. Via savvygardening.com

I’ve found most gardeners get their garden plants from the local garden center. This means they will need to be transplanted. We like to add a little Epsom salt to give plants a boost when transplanting. Read more here and here.

What About Gardening Using Straw Bales?

Another gardening method gaining in popularity is called Straw Bale Gardening. We’ve heard this to be a love/hate relationship. Some swear by it and others swear at it.

Now here’s a title for you!

How To Make The Perfect Hay Bale Gardening For Spring-Step By Step-Hay Bale Gardening Effortless Food Production with No Weeds, No Fertilizer & Less Watering

Newsprepper has a post on this topic along with collected videos to explain the whole process step by step. However, you probably picked that up from the headline! Lots of good info in this post!

Getting the “Garden” Ready

The term garden goes beyond planting veggies. It’s clean up after winter, pruning, putting down some lime and getting the lawn ready.

EarthEasy gives some Garden Projects for Early Spring.  They give a run down of early Spring garden and yard tasks, ideas for vegetables and flowers, then top it off with shrubs and trees. You’ll find some good reminders in the post.

You know Spring has hit when all the color starts popping out. The other day, connectionnewspapers.com posted Sow Now, Reap this Spring.

In the article, Misty Kuceris, horticulturist at Burke Nursery & Garden Centre shared, these reminders

“Pansies just love spring weather. The color is phenomenal on pansies. They make a lot of people happy.”

“First walk around your yard and look at what’s happened over the winter months. Look at your trees and shrubs. Do they need pruning before things really start growing?”

Check out our favorite pruners here.

“If you didn’t clean out the flower beds and vegetable beds at the end of fall, you need to do that,” she said. “Take a look at whether you need to add more compost to make the soil better.”

Smart tips to get the growing season off to a great and add some color as well!  Via connectionnewspapers.com

Keep It In Containers

Another area growing in popularity is container gardening. For the most part, we think of container gardening as a collection of potted flowering plants and grasses. However, the folks over at balconygardenweb.com share a fun collection of vegetables growing in containers with:

15 Stunning Container Vegetable Garden Design Ideas & Tips – I like #2 in their collection. Healthy plants, bright color combo, even the pots and trellis dress up the presentation. Also, #13 which goes right along with the vertical gardening theme. It goes to show how adding some color helps with the overall visual impact.

Growing And Composting!

If you have any interest in gardening or landscaping, you know the benefits composting offers.

DIY Garden Tower – Container Garden and Composter – Over at quiet-corner.com, they’ve put together a collection of youtube videos on building garden towers which not only grow plants BUT compost as well. We’ve looked at the topic before here, but honestly, quiet-corner did a much better job covering the topic.

To go along with the composting…

We’ve shared the value of adding coffee grounds to compost along with how they can improve your garden. Coffee grounds would be a great addition to the garden towers discussed above. Starbucks was the only “major chain” I’ve heard promoting the recycling of coffee grounds.

Over at Willcoxrangenews.com in their post – Growing A Green Garden – One Coffee Ground at a Time – they inform us of a new addition to the recycling camp – McDonald’s – at least the Southern Arizona McDonald’s Owners look to be jumping on board. Let’s hope more do as well!

Fun Projects Around the Home

Springtime always seems to get the creative juices flowing. I came across a post from Donna at FunkyJunkInteriors.net who always shows how to make something out of nothing.  Her post on Interchangeable Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Signs got me thinking about the idea of using signs out on the patio or even in the garden. Many times it’s about the idea. Check out the post here. Thanks, Donna!

If you spend any time outdoors in the yard or garden at some point, you’ll need to call it a day. Often this means we need a place dedicated to kicking off the shoes or boots, so things don’t get tracked all over the house. I know my wife hates those little pebbles which get caught in my boots.

Erica at designingvibes.com shares her Custom Mud Room for Under $200 makeover which looks like a relaxing space to move from the outdoors to indoors. She even gives a little reminder with an upright mother in law tongue plant and colorful decorative container to go with it. Nicely done Erica.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for another collection of ideas next week!

This roundup of the best gardening and plant blog posts from the around the web was curated by Gary Antosh of PlantCareToday.com



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